As a Tech Writer:

In my role as a tech writer, I have written countless white papers, technical articles, reference guides, and assembly procedures for various companies over the past 20+ years. Some of the companies I have written for are listed below.

As a Content Writer:

I started writing content, blog posts, and articles about eight years ago when I landed a position as staff writer for the Fort Sill Tribune. I posted weekly articles in two categories: Tech Tips and the History of Fort Sill.
In 2016, I started writing articles on various subjects for CNB (City National Bank). These articles range in variety from "The Best Vacation Destinations" to "Managing Your Finances for Retirement". I am also writing blog posts for, a relatively new website that covers the basics of TSQL from the ground up. (This is a website in the making.)

As an Author:

I have been writing for several decades on subjects ranging from C# to T-SQL, and everything in between that was tech related. My first book “Linux, the Other Windows” (Published in 2009 and no longer in print) was a milestone for my writing career. It launched me into a whole new level of educating newcomers to the tech industry - something I genuinely enjoy.
Now, I’m breaking into print once again with a new book “SQL Practice and Interview Questions” which will soon launch on Amazon. I believe the title speaks for itself. It will consist of two sections.

Section 1
Poses questions that would help the junior DBA learn by practice and provide some common interview questions to prepare them for their first interview.

Section 2
This section will provide the answers to the questions presented in section 1 along with some explanation of the how and why of the SQL queries that made up the questions and answers.

I’m certain that some of the more seasoned DBA’s will gain some benefit from the book as well. I know that I will keep it on my bookshelf as a reference guide in the future.

Other Book Projects:

I am a strong believer in multi-tasking, with that said, here are some of the other books that I am currently writing.

  • DBA Fundamentals (The basics of what every DBA needs to know.)
  • How To Buy a House On Your Lunchbreak (A comical but realistic approach to buying a house while holding down a full-time job.)
  • Spare Parts Kids (A true story [documentary] of kids that are born to be spare parts for their older siblings.)
  • Body Breathers (A trilogy novel set.)

Low Content Books:

I also produce a series of low content books, daily journals, notebooks, kids’ entertainment and challenge books, and logbooks via Amazon KDP. You can view the full list of books that are available on Amazon through my publishing website here:  Lost Page Press

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