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Writing for the World

Although most of my writing is geared for English speaking countries, some of my work has been translated in other languages.

Document Types

Most of my writing starts out in a writing tool called Scriviner, I also create a number of projects in other tools such as MS Word, Pro-Writing Aid, Reedsy, etc.

Delivery Speed

Delivery times for your requested work depends on several factors: Length of the document, Research Time, etc. However, most blog posts are ready in 48 hours or less.

Multiple Tasks are Okay

If you have multiple projects you need in a single package deal, I'm on board with that. I can combine two or more projects into a single billing option.

About Aubrey Love

I am a writer, blogger, and author and have spent most of my adult life making a living from my writing for other companies. I also maintain my own personal blog sites that are more technical in nature.

A short list of my specialties:

  • Tech Writing. This would include assembly, operation, and instructional documents and white papers.
  • Blogging. I have written blog post for several fortune 100 and fortune 500 companies.
  • Author. I have written two technical books for publication and I have several new books in progress.

As a freelance writer, I am accustomed to writing about a plethora of subjects. These subjects have ranged from archaeology to zoo procedures. Althogh my work has taken me all over the place, in the sense of subject matter, my strong points are in the computer world and finance articles. Lately I have focused on programming language articles and articles on finance tips for people of all age groups.



Some of the many writing/editing services I provide.

Blog Writing

I have written countless blog post, not just for myself, but for companies listed in the "Clients" section above. Scroll down to the "Portfolio" section for samples.

Article Writing

I was named "Author of the Year 2022" and "Trendsetter 2023" by for my expertise in the documentation of SQL articles.

Technical Writing

I have written multiple tech documents while on staff at Dell Computers, Lockheed Martin, Data Processing Inc., NASA, etc.

White Papers

I have written multiple white papers while on staff at Dell Computers, Lockheed Martin, NASA, etc.

Instructional Documentation

While working at DPI (Data Processing Inc.) I produced over 180 instructional documents for daily operations and disaster recovery procedures.

Data Sheets

While working at NASA and again at Dell Computers, I wrote, monitored, and inventoried dozens of data sheets, including MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets).

Print Books

I have written and published two books: "Linux, the Other Widnows" and "Python, a Programmers Guide". I am currently working on the following books for publication:

  • SQL Practice and Interview Questions
  • SQL From the Ground Up
  • Acing the Interview
  • HTML5 - CSS3 Beginner to Advanced
  • JavaScript from the Beginning

Click the button to the rigt for my book website.


The images below are links to some of the items that I have written for other companies and for my own blog sites. I have only listed three categories and selected three articles for each catagory. Using the filter menu below, you can select to view all articles or filter out the financial or SQL Server / C# or Tech Tips. Feel free to browse additional articles on each page you visit via the links below. Thank you.

  • All
  • Financial
  • SQL Server / C#
  • Tech Tips
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CNB Blog

Function Keys F1-F12, What are they and how to use them

Tech Tip

3 Types of Toxic Debt and How to Avoid Them


Understanding SQL Server Schemas Aritcle

Street Value of Your Email Account

Tech Tip

Should I Buy a House Now or Wait?

CNB Blog

Installing SQL Server 2022 Developer Edition Article

C# Classes Simplified

C# Article

Tech Support Error Codes

Tech Tip


Here are some of my most recent awards that I recieved while writing for various companies.

Click each image for a better view.

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